Currently, I serve as an Associate Professor in the English Department at William Paterson University where I teach a variety of creative writing and literature courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, as well as in the WPU MFA Program for Creative and Professional Writers. Recently, I co-created a graduate course called “Creative Writing Pedagogy,” a course designed to teach our MFA students how to teach introductory-level creative writing. Other courses I teach at WPU include: ENG 1100 (Writing Effective Prose); ENG 2310 (Introduction to Creative Writing); ENG 1500 (Introduction to Literature); ENG 3030 (American Literature I.); ENG 3190 (Modern  British and American Poetry); ENG 3320 (Advanced Creative Writing); ENG 3390 (Poetry Writing Seminar); ENG 5990: (The Pedagogy of Creative Writing); ENG 6160 (Graduate Creative Writing I.); ENG 6230 (Graduate Poetry Writing Seminar); ENG 6240; (Graduate Contemporary Poetry Writing Seminar); ENG 7000 (MFA Independent Study).